Beginners Guide to Swim Buoys

Here are the top questions open water swimmers ask about using a Swim Buoy when swimming in open water:

What's the purpose of a Swim Buoy?
Mainly, it's about boosting your VISIBILITY to folks on the shore and to fellow water enthusiasts. Other perks? It offers you a bit of support if you're tired or hit with a cramp and provides a waterproof spot to stow your gear.

Do I need a Swim Buoy?
Absolutely! A Swim Buoy makes sure you're spotted by other swimmers and boaters. Plus, it's a lifesaver if you need a breather mid-swim. Some models, like the Tow Donut, even have a built-in dry bag for your water bottle, snacks, or puffer.

How does a Swim Buoy function?
You tow the buoy/dry bag buoy behind you, connected with a waist belt and a short tether. It stays out of your stroke and kick space while you swim.

Need a hand with inflating and deflating your swim buoy/dry bag swim buoy? Check this out:

Will a Swim Buoy make me slower?
Nope, it might seem odd, but the drag from a Swim Buoy is pretty much unnoticed. Your own bow wave creates an eddy that actually nudges the buoy along. Plus, it's positioned so it doesn't mess with your arm strokes or kicking.

Choosing the right Swim Buoy?
It depends on what you need for your open water adventures. Need a place to stash your belongings? A bit or a lot? Head over to our Product Comparison page to find your perfect Swim Buoy. 

How to strap on the Waist Belt & Leash?
Watch this how-to video for some help.

Is a Swim Buoy a lifesaver?
Not exactly, but it can support you when you're tired or if you cramp up. Just hug it and you can float and chat with your swim mates or signal for help if needed.

Will a Swim Buoy keep me above water?
It's mostly for making you more visible. They're not designed as lifesaving devices but will support your weight if you need to chill for a bit.

Can Swim Buoy Dry Bags double as Swim Buoys?
All our Swim Buoy dry bags come with the necessary gear to pull them along when you're swimming. They're super light in the water so you won't feel dragged down, plus your belongings stay dry.

Remember, whether you're a seasoned swimmer or just dipping your toes into open water, safety and visibility should be top priorities, especially in the beautiful waters we have here in Canada! 🍁🏊‍♀️