Ultimate Guide to Dry Bags and Swim Buoys

Looking to ensure your safety in the water but unsure where to begin? Our comprehensive guide is here to assist you in finding the ideal swim buoy that suits your needs!

All our swimming floats come in vibrant colors and are designed to be towed behind you while you swim, connecting to a waist belt. These floats remain above your lower back, staying clear of your arms and legs. Some of our floats are primarily for visibility and may include an external storage area—these are known as Tow Float Swim Buoys. Others feature an internal waterproof storage compartment—these are referred to as Dry Bags.

Let's explore each option individually to help you determine which one is perfect for your swimming activities.


Our Classic Tow Float Swim Buoy embodies simplicity and elegance. Available in bright pink and orange, it consists of two separate inflation compartments and is perfect if your primary requirement is to enhance your visibility in the water.

tow float

Looking for something larger or to share with friends? The Tow Float Pro does If you're looking for something larger or wish to share with friends, the Tow Float Pro offers all the features of the classic float, making it ideal for guides, groups, or those new to open water swimming.

For those seeking visibility and convenient access to small items that may get wet, the Tow Float Elite is the ideal choice. Similar in size to the Tow Float Pro, it includes an external mesh pocket where you can store a small water bottle, spare goggles, or nutritional gels. This feature is particularly useful during longer swims, providing quick access to refreshments.


Tow Float Elite

If you find the Tow Float Elite appealing but require a waterproof storage solution, allow us to introduce the Tow Donut. This swim buoy incorporates a dry bag in the middle, offering a surprisingly spacious storage area. You can easily fit keys, a cell phone, a small water bottle, and snacks inside. Since the dry bag is situated on top, you can access its contents while in the water, making the Tow Donut a versatile and highly popular choice.

Lastly, for those who want to quench their thirst during a swim, our Hydration Float is the perfect option. This stable swim buoy features a central space where you can securely store a standard water bottle, enabling you to take a refreshing drink while in the water.


In contrast to Swim Buoys, all our Dry Bags come with a waterproof storage compartment, allowing you to carry your belongings while swimming. Simply place your items inside the bag, roll down the top three times, clip it together, and inflate the air chambers around them.

dry bag storage

Our orange Dry Bags are available in four sizes: Small (20 liters), Medium (28 liters), Large (35 liters), and Extra Large (50 liters). The Small and Medium sizes are particularly popular and suitable for carrying lighter items such as sandals, a microfiber towel, shorts, and t-shirts. If you require a full change of clothes or need to carry larger items, the larger 35-liter and 50-liter Dry Bags are better suited to meet your needs.

To get a better idea of the capacity of each bag, you can refer to our Dry Bag Size Guide, which showcases the items we managed to fit into each bag.

Our popular 28-liter Dry Bag is also available in eye-catching pink and citrus colors. Additionally, there is a Window version of the 28-liter Dry Bag, featuring a clear plastic pocket on the front for a cell phone. The screen fits tightly against the window, allowing you to use the touch screen functionality while in the water. This variation is ideal for those who like to track their swims or utilize a cell phone for navigation.

If you're planning an adventure that involves both land and water, our Wild Swim Bag is the perfect choice. This 30-liter Dry Bag comes with removable shoulder straps, transforming it into a comfortable backpack. When it's time to swim, simply remove and stow the straps, and tow the bag as you would a standard Dry Bag.

wild swim bag out of water


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